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At the shift of two years

Once again, we change from one year to another, and even though the calendar may be a social construction, the everchanging of days, seasons and years are instituted by God in creation, he who loved the world to such an extent that he gave his only Son.

My thoughts are this year circling around the uneasy feeling that His church is afraid, weak and frail, to the contrary of his will.

For years Christian teaching has focused on love, God’s care for us, the Father’s heart, grace, and even forgiveness that has been taken totally out of context.

By focusing exclusively on this true part of God’s message, we have formed a generation of weaklings. There is little will to, and even less understanding of, the need to fight, to stand up for what is true, to persevere, taking up one’s cross following our Lord through difficult times.

For these are difficult times. The Bible is being questioned by the believers themselves, not on a basis of knowledge, but on a basis of the need to be accepted by society. The values of our time have been given priority over the Word of God.

Well, the Word of God is hard, because it demands that we love as He loved. Not an emotional feel-good variation of love, which actually is self-indulging, but the hard kind of love, that cares for the long haul. This love understands that our practice of love will form the next generation. If we are builders, they will thrive. If we are consumers, they will be impoverished.

What breaks families, and leaves children robbed of their security and identity, should not be allowed to be called love among believers.

What breaks vows, and leave individuals wounded, discouraged, and lonely, must not be called love among us.

Lies and rumors, backstabbing, and unfaithfulness does not belong in God’s family.

These things, and all things like them, must be fought and conquered by all true believers.

To see this happen, we need to teach faithfulness and loyalty. We need to disciple believers who boldly rise up and acknowledge the Word as from God, and not as subject of discussion. We need to form a Biblical respect for the family, for our spouses, and most of all for our children.

This takes courage, endurance and perseverance, and is within the will of God.

I bless this coming 2019 to be a year when the name of our Lord is lifted up, not just in an inspirational fashion, but in practical, day to day life, in the families, in the work-place and in our neighborhoods. And most of all in our churches.

Where His principles are lived out, society thrives.

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